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Let us remember Benjamin Franklin’s words: “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” If people can attend college then those people get the interest. But it is not only the college graduates that get the interest of their spendings, it is also the state that gets the interest. It is known that college graduates get better paid jobs. More money bring comfort and satisfactions. Also, knowledge is power. High salaries bring more tax money to the state, whether you like it or not … Educated people may build a better society. Educated people tend to make better informed decisions, whether they are personal decisions, or not – for example political decisions. So ultimately the whole society gets the interest from the money spent on education.

One should not infer from these that everybody should attend college. College is about acquiring knowledge and not just about getting the diploma. One should think a lot about what motivates them to attend college. They should undergo a process of personal assessment about their motivations, their strengths and skills, their background, and their interest in a certain profession. Ultimately, when you graduate from college you want to get a job and it should be a job that motivates you to work hard.

If you are not well motivated to study a certain field, you will find yourself changing majors and this costs both money and time. Think well, discuss it with your family, with your highschool teachers and advisors, with your friends. Going to college or not is an important decision.

Then, if you decide to attend college, you need to choose several schools to actually apply to. Another important decision to make … Among other things, it is good if you know people who attended those schools. Talk to them, and talk to the official people. Then correlate both stories. There are many college needs, but first you need good teachers. It is difficult to judge a teacher whether he or she is “good” or “bad”. But remember that the first thing you want to get from college is knowledge. And to acquire knowledge you need to learn how to learn. You need to be challanged and motivated. The motivation should come from you. There will always be courses that are more interesting than others, but you want to learn something from every course you take.

There are many things you need to prepare if you decide to attend college. There are many college needs, and one of them is the entrance test. Whether it is ACT, LSAT, MCAT, or some other test, you need help with test prep courses. Get it from BenchPrep, not only online but also on your mobile phone. Study with friends and experts anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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