I hope you did not spend too much this holiday season! Yet, if money is one of your college needs now and you need fast cash here are three sources of short term loans.

Get FAST cash with a FAST loan decision from PayDayMax. New customers save 25% off at DiscountAdvances. The third source is 100DayLoans.

100DayLoans is not a direct lender, instead they are connected with many lending partners, to choose the right loan for each client. They do not lend more than $1000. They approve loans even if you have bad credit or no credit.

The other two are direct lenders. For example, PayDayMax asks a fee of $18.62 for a $100 14-day loan. DiscountAdvances asks a smaller fee: $17.5 for a $100 14-day loan and in general they have smaller fees than PayDayMax. Both companies offer a discount for the first loan. You can apply either online or by phone. You need to have a bank account that shows you have an income, either from employment or from monthly deposits made by someone to your bank account. DiscountAdvances requires a bank account that has been active for 90 days. From each of them you can get a loan between $100 and $1500. You cannot open two loans with the same company, but PayDayMax approves a loan even if you have another loan open with another company.

They do not even require a good credit record. DiscountAdvances does not perform traditional credit checks, but they do verify applicant information via credit reporting agencies including Teletrack and Clarity Services, Inc. to see that you have no unpaid cash advances.

I take this opportunity to write about student loans too, which is a long term loan. You will have to pay it back after you graduate and have a job. This is a more serious matter because a student loan is supposed to cover your expenses during your studies up until graduation. Acquisition of a loan for students has lesser interest rate compared to other types of loans offered by banks and lending companies.

When you decide to apply for a student loan, make sure to select a reliable and secured company. You can make some research first about the best and reputable companies in town who offer this kind of services so that you can rest assured that your account is in good hands. Remember that all financial matters you have will be reflected in your credit report. So make certain that you will maintain your good credit rating from now on. Look for a firm who offers reasonable interest rate for students since lending companies and banks have varied interest percentages. Always compare several lenders before you will fill up and submit an application form. Evaluate the terms and conditions of the contract and determine the period and mode of payment after you have graduated in your desired school and profession. It is best that you will process this matter with your parents or guardians to ensure best outcomes in the future.

SimpleTuition offers you the possibility to compare multiple loan options from a variety of leading lenders.

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