Probably, once you are admitted to college, you start making a list of things you will need in college. This is a video I found on YouTube and it shows a list of top 10 things on your list of college needs.

This is actually a list of comfort things for the dorm. Do you agree with the list? You are welcome to share your list of college needs.

I would add some kitchen utensils like two cups, two teaspoons, two forks, two knives, two plates etc. if you want to eat “at home”. It is also good to cook your own meals, because this way you know what you eat and you can eat healthy. Choose some simple recipes and relax while cooking something that you enjoy.

Otherwise, the list of college needs is rather long. What about a backpack and sport gear? And a debit card too.

I recommend several such cards, so you can choose the one that is best suited for you. To choose the appropriate debit card you should look for locations near you to load the card. Look also for ATMs in your area that allow to withdraw money without a fee. Then choose the card with the lowest monthly fee. Keep track of your monthly spending so that you do not have to pay overdraft fees. Choose a “pay as you go” plan so that you have zero monthly fee. Some debit cards do not require a bank account. You just have to load it whenever necessary.

A debit card is convenient like cash, but if you loose it you don’t loose cash.

Then you certainly need a laptop and textbooks. (By the way, I love the MacBook.) You may want to use e-textbooks instead of the traditional paper textbooks. You can take them all with you wherever you go. Some e-textbooks allow you to make notes, to download certain pages, to highlight. If you want to save money, here are several online e-textbooks and textbooks sellers, so you can compare prices. Some have coupon codes. Some also allow you to rent the textbooks. Some allow you to try for free e-textbooks for a limited amount of time. And don’t forget that if you buy textbooks, then you can sell them back for some cash or gift cards.

What else should I add to the list? Something that you cannot buy: the possibility to make friends with the people around you so that you all survive college life.

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