I recently read about a book titled “Essential Study Skills: The Complete Guide to Success at University” by Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield (third edition). It is a book every college student needs to read.

It contains six chapters: Overview, Study Techniques and Learning Effectively, Creative Strategies and Learning Effectively, Communicating Effectively in Assignments, Emotional Dimension, Reflective Learning. Here are some excerpts from the first chapter:

“This book is designed to help you become a more effective and happier student …”

“Both of us (the authors) were the first in our immediate families to go to university …”

“Life at university is even more fraught now than when we were students: there are loans to take out, enormous fees to take on board — and the job market is unpredictable.”

“We do pass on successful techniques to you and steer you as quickly as possible to academic success; but this is not a quick fix. We cover techniques that need practising and refining to work for you.”

“It is hard to change and it is hard to take criticism: but being a student requires both.”

guide to success


The authors seem to have tried to cover all possible aspects of student life. The book’s subtitle is called “The Complete Guide to Success at University” and it is a really good subtitle. You will find here information on being a freshman, how to use university services, how to deal with emotions, how to work on your Personal Development Planning, and more. It is useful for graduates too. Yet, you don’t need to read the book all at once, rather use it as a guide to read first what interests you most.

There are many college needs and I believe this book is a good guide to help you fulfill them. Use now the textbooks price comparison widget to find the best price and buy the book. You will not regret.

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