Today I am writing about several treats of character you need to show up every day (or almost every day). You might still need to learn some of them. You might already master them. I believe they are some of your college needs (although it is true of any adult, not only of college students.) In any case, I am also waiting for your comments to this post.

Every day (or almost) you should be each one of these:

Be seen –you have to be seen by your peers, by your professors, by your friends.

Be emotional — it is good to have emotions, positive ones; it is even better to be able to share your emotions with some friend.

Be interested — if you are not interested in something every day, then your life is boring; it has no meaning.

Be helpful — well, yes, try to help whenever you have an opportunity.

Be sociable — man is a sociable being by nature; some are less sociable than others. It helps to be sociable, to be connected, to chat, to share. It helps you to be successful.

Be selective — you often have to choose among several possibilities. Choose according to your preset goals.

Be prepared — be prepared for the unknown, for the unexpected; be prepared for your tests, exams, challenges …

Be individual — you have your own goals and interests; don’t let the others (friends or not) hamper you from reaching those goals.



Be a team player — you are not (or should not be) alone; you often find yourself in a position to be a member of a team, so learn how to be a good team player.

Be imaginative — yes, we need to have imagination; we often need to imagine ways of reaching our goals.



Be yourself — it is good to have a role model; it is good to want to be like a (some) certain distinctive individual(s) you admire most. But finally, and basically, you need to learn from those individual and apply what you learn to your own personality; you need to be yourself. There are never two identical individuals; it would be bothering to be a copy of someone. (By the way, you might have some fun reading “The Double” by Jose Saramago.)

So, can you add something else to this list of things you should be (almost) every day? What are your comments to my comments?

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