This time I am going to post several links to education articles that I found interesting.

First, for those of you who are thinking of admission to college, here’s a link to an infograph, called College Admissions: What Really Matters?. Another reading material about admission can be found here.

Then, if you are about to become a software engineer, you might be happy to read that in 2012 this is going to be the top job, according to a survey.

It is known that the percentage of young girls who choose careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is still very low. Some people in Delaware try to change this situation. Read here what they’ve done recently. Moreover, a national science fair aims to breathe new life into science and math for kids. Several Washington, D.C.-area technology companies have launched initiatives designed to improve the region’s science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Find some info here.

It is actually a global and very serious issue. Tech needs girls: world leaders draw up roadmap for female tech education and careers push. Hey girls, read this press release.

Find an answer to the question “why more women aren’t computer scientists, engineers” in this article that features an interview with Maria Klawe. She’s president of Harvey Mudd College in California.

For those who are already STEM students, Microsoft organized a contest at University of Nevada in Reno, and internships.

Have you taken so far online courses? How do you like them compared to the traditional in class courses? Some think they might be disruptive, but in a good sense. Like Stanford University, Harvard and M.I.T. have teamed up to offer more free online courses. You can find information about them in this article. And if you missed them this time, they will repeat in the near future. Stay tuned!

Now, how often do you read your e-mail? Read this article to find out how your stress can decrease and your concentration can increase.

Find out about 25 napping facts every college student should know — yes, it’s about napping!

Have you heard about open education? Read this article if you want to find out what it is.

Now that the summer is coming near, would you like to find out how to create an awesome summer reading list? Find some advice here. Would you rather travel this summer? Here are some amazing places to experience around the globe.

I think that’s quite a lot of reading material. I only hope that some of you will find some of it interesting.

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