So eventually you are done with quizzes and exams. It is time to take a vacation! As I wrote in an earlier post, one of your college needs is time to relax, to recharge your batteries for the next challenges.

Probably you already made plans for summer. If not, this is the last opportunity to make some.

If you need to make up a reading list here are some suggestions. It is a reading list for ten years! Don’t forget you can buy books and audio books on this website. Here’s also a list of new upcoming movies this year. Enjoy them, and enjoy a walk in a nice place, a walk in the nature.

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You might take only a short vacation and then go back to school for the summer session. Pay attention that summer classes are taught in a shorter period of time, it is an accelerating pace and so you need to concentrate very well.

You might want a summer job. If you have not yet made arrangements for this, it may still be time to do it now. There are summer internships, volunteer work, and … why not, start your own business! Read this article for some advice about job strategies.

Speaking of jobs and employability, you need to develop skills in the following areas: job search, communication, technological literacy, work ethics, critical thinking, work safety, teamwork, and career exploration. You might already know the meaning of some of these words from your high school counselor and teachers. You might also speak with a career counselor at your college or university. They will help you understand how to develop those skills.

If you are still in high school and prepare for going to college, and if you need help with the test preparation (SAT, LSAT, ACT etc) or help with writing your personal statement, you can find some options to purchase courses here.

Are you going to visit colleges and universities? Have you decided when to visit? You might want to visit the university either on an open day or on a normal day, or both. You may get different views and information. You might want to speak to the staff, but also to random students on campus (there are summer sessions too, the campus is never empty.)

Another possibility is to spend the summer learning a new language. It is useful if you will want to travel abroad. On this website you can find language courses too. Click on the Transparent Language banner or links here.

Whatever your plans are, I wish you a joyous and fulfilling summer this year!

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