When I was a college student there were no online courses. I was curious to experiment and understand what an online course is, so I enrolled recently in one of the free online courses.

There are many such courses now. I suppose they are run differently, nevertheless I want to share with you the seven reasons I enjoyed the online course I enrolled into.

  1. I got to watch videos of the lectures. There were quizzes during the videos. You could stop and replay anytime you wanted, whenever you wanted. There were several videos for each week of study. None was longer than 30 minutes. It is not easy to concentrate to listen to your professor talking for straight 45 minutes or more.
  2. I got PDF files containing the slides used during the lectures. So it was much easier to take good notes, and much easier to organize the material you ought to learn.
  3. You could do the assignments whenever you wanted, during the allotted time (to meet the deadline). You could save the answers to some of the questions and answer the other questions later. You got several attempts to answer the assignments, with the best answer taken to be the final answer. So you got to learn from your own mistakes.
  4. There were several discussion forums where you could interact with the fellow students but also ask the stuff clarification questions. And there were students from all over the world. Great experience!
  5. Was there any cheating? Perhaps there was some, but I liked it that we were asked to abide by a code of honor, which specified certain kinds of interactions that were forbidden. You could still give or get help to or from other students, in order to better understand lectures and questions asked during assignments.
  6. The final exam was of course open books and you could use the Internet too, however you needed to understand and learn the stuff pretty well in order to answer the exam questions.
  7. Finally, the course was free and the lecturer very good. He explained things well, you got to learn new specific terms with their correct pronunciation, there were many examples, and there was optional material for those who wanted to learn more.

Do you have experience with online courses? Does your college offer online courses? If not, do you think college needs online courses? Do you think there is still need of the usual, face-to-face, classroom courses? Do you prefer classroom courses?

You are welcome to share your own experience; use comments or send email to admin@collegeneedscorner.com.

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