Recently I stumbled upon an article from December 21, 2009 and written by Cliff Kuang. The title of the article is “Infographic of the Day: Is College Really Worth It?”. I became interested and I read the article, which contained an infographic originally from Online Colleges and Universities. On this website one can see also the sources of documentation for the infographic, which seem to be serious and well reputable. (The infographic is way down the page.)

I invite you to see the infographic. Essentially, it says that too many students spend too much time in college having fun (including alcohol consumption) and also spending a lot of money. Well, I believe college needs a better reputation.

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Having fun is not a bad thing, certainly. It depends, though, how one has fun and for how long. I can assure you that some students have fun in many ways: some have fun even when they study, because they are interested to know more about something they are passionate about. I believe there’s no limit having fun like this. Some have fun reading a book, watching a movie, meeting friends, partying, doing sport and exercise, and much more. But if you don’t have fun at all studying for your college degree, then probably you should not be in college. Some students work hard for their college assignments, and have some fun doing some of their assignments; they go to party only when the assignments are done.

Read the data in the infographic: one out of three students drop out after the first year. This costs a lot of money. Unfortunately the tuition has risen steadily for some time. The average freshman spends 10 hours per week partying, but only 8 hours studying… No wonder so many drop out after the first year in college, which is a pity: a waste of money and a waste of time. It also says that students spend more than $5.5 billion a year for alcohol. Wow! That’s a lot of money and a lot of alcohol!

Beware of alcohol consumption. When it is too much, it is no good. There was a mathematician and logician, well known in Romania, called Grigore Moisil, who used to say, jokingly: “Every man has the right to drink a glass of wine; but after one drinks a glass of wine then he becomes another man, who also has the right to drink a glass of wine …” But Moisil was a university professor and researcher who was never seen drunk.

It is interesting to read also some of the comments about the article I mentioned in the beginning.

I wrote about this infographic because initially I suspected it was not well documented. It seems, however, that the authors from Online Colleges and Universities did consult some well documented sources for their data.

What is your opinion? Is the data accurate? Tell us what is your own experience with college life.

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