I read this quote by Maya Angelou: “When you know better you do better.” It sounds interesting because it can mean many things. Let’s see…

First, I think of learning. If you learn well, then you know better, and then you do better with your tests and exams. But what else “knowing better” may mean? What do you know better? Perhaps, a better way of doing something; a better method that you learned about, or that you discovered. And then of course you do better to achieve your goals.

When you have something to do, first you have to know well (to understand) what you have to do. And then, if you really know what you have to do, you do better and your results are better. First you have to know what you have to do , and only then you do it.

It may also mean that you know a better life. If you had been impoverished (perhaps you were born in a poor family) and at some point you succeeded to raise yourself up to a better life, then perhaps you tend to be willing to help people who experience similar difficulties. So you tend to do better. You tend to do good deeds. In general, if you experience yourself a certain thing, a certain situation, then you know it better than someone who only thinks about it. And if you know better, you can help better someone else who experiences the same situation.

College needs to know better how to impart education. If they know better how to educate young minds, then they do it better, the results are better.

It is a nice and thoughtful quote. I am still trying to find more meanings to it.

How about you? What does it mean to you?

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