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  • Upromise is a one-stop college service provider that helps families earn, save and pay for higher education. With Upromise, families can automatically save money for college while making everyday purchases at grocery and drug stores, gas stations, restaurants, retail stores and online shopping sites. Upromise’s partners include ExxonMobil Corporation,,,, and hundreds of others. It is an easy and smart way to save for college!

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  • ACE Cash Express Inc. is a leading retailer of financial services, including payday loans, consumer loans, check cashing, bill payment and prepaid debit card services. ACE is the largest owner and operator of check cashing stores in the United States and the second largest owner and operator of short-term consumer loan stores in the United States.
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  • PayDayMax is a lender with a professional tone that focuses on middle income. New customers save 25% on the initial fees of their first loan and they can apply for $1500, even if it is their first loan.

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  • DiscountAdvances is a lender that caters to male and urban demographics. There is a 25% discount on the initial fees of the first loan and new customers can now apply for $1500, even if it is their first loan.

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  • MyCashNow provides short term loans to both American and Canadian residents. A new customer saves 25% on the initial fees of the first loan. New customers can now apply for $1500, even if it is their first loan.

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  • At 100DayLoans you get the funds you need in just one hour. In fact, 3 steps are all it takes to get the process rolling: Applying Now, Getting Approved, Getting Your Funds. It’s that easy! At, they search more banks, Financial Companies, and Payday Lenders for the highest loan amounts and the lowest interest rates available. Their automated system can search over 122 Credit Loan providers to lend you the funds you need.

  • SimpleTuition is the smart way to choose student loans. They are dedicated to helping students and their families through the confusing education loan process by providing innovative and effective tools, resources, and most importantly, choices that help students and families make the best choice for them. No matter what their needs may be, SimpleTuition offers a broad and transparent service, designed to save borrowers valuable time and money, for finding and selecting the best student loan.

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  • Vision Premier Prepaid Visa provides a bank alternative to the millions of users who are tired of paying overdraft fees or do not have a bank account. They help cash paying individuals avoid check cashing fees and help them get their money quicker using direct deposit. Their direct deposit can make getting your company, social security, disability check directly to your card quicker. Their Visa card is also protected by Visa Zero Liability fraud protection so users can rest assure knowing they can shop online without worry as well as get cash from any ATM machine with the Visa Ready Link or STAR brand logo. Want to Direct Deposit paychecks or government benefits check to a prepaid card, the Vision Premier® Visa® Prepaid Card is the best card for you. Vision Premier is stress free. No customer service fees and no bank account needed. It’s prepaid, so you spend only what’s on your card. There’s no credit check, no debt, no interest and no overdraft fees. With FREE Direct Deposit, your pay or benefits checks arrive faster each payday. Use it everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted – grocery stores, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, shop online, pay bills and more. Adding cash is quick and easy at more than 100,000 retail locations, and you can track spending with FREE text and email alerts and 24/7 online access. Features:
    • Only 3 fees total with Direct Deposit.
    • No credit check, no debt, no interest, no overdraft fees.
    • Free unlimited purchases – signature and PIN Free customer service.
    • Free Direct Deposit: Get paychecks, benefits and tax refunds faster.
    • Pay bills for free. Safer than cash if lost or stolen.

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  • The AccountNow cards are offered to the 40+ million U.S. consumers who do not have established credit or traditional banking relationships. Unlike credit card issuers, with no credit or ChexSystems® checks, we approve virtually all applicants (applicants are subject to a real-time I.D. verification in accordance to the U.S. Patriot Act).
    Their money saving offers give consumers an alternative to “traditional” checking accounts and access to the financial and payment systems, including:

    • Debit MasterCard or Prepaid Visa
    • FREE Paycheck Direct Deposit
    • FREE Online Bill Pay
    • FDIC Insured Deposits